Six Simple Gifts for Co-workers and Acquaintances

Six Simple Gifts for Co-workers and Acquaintances

A list of gift ideas for co-workers for different occasions.

Holidays, birthdays, and retirements often require gift giving. Sometimes the recipient is a co-worker or acquaintance, and finding a gift for them can be challenging. Here are six simple gift ideas for just such occasions.

  1. Journals

    Though this may seem a personal gift, it’s also a universal gift. There’s a wide variety of journal styles, from frivolous fun to the more solemn leather bound, embossed journals. Find one to suit the occasion and you can’t go wrong. Most bookstores and stationary stores carry journals.

  2. Framed Photo of “The Gang”

    This works very well for retirement or when a colleague leaves the workplace. Get a good photograph of everyone together and take it to local print shop and have the photo enlarged. Have everyone sign it and then have it framed. This is a gift everyone can pitch in for, and it certainly will be unique.

  3. Event Tickets

    This simple idea is great for any occasion. Movie tickets for the local theater are always appreciated. If you know the recipient has a favorite local team, two tickets to the big game is sure to be a hit. Don’t forget college teams, or the community theater. These tickets can be less expensive, and the events just as enjoyable.

  4. Folk Art

    Check out the local Farmers’ Market or craft fair. Local artisans often have crafts unique to the region, such as photos of local landscapes or decorated pottery. Don’t overlook the produce part of the market; herb plants and local flora make for unusual, and welcome, gifts.

  5. Desktop Decor

    Most people have a home office or at least a corner of the house with a desk and filing cabinets. A pencil sharpener shaped like a world globe or an antique file tray can make for a simple and unusual gift. Include a desktop calendar or appointment book.

  6. A Day at the Beach

    Fill a tote bag with all the things a person needs for a day at the beach: disposable camera, towel, sun block, flip-flops, a paperback novel, and sunglasses. You can do variations on this. If the present is for a Christmas grab bag, fill the tote with wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and ribbon. Include an unusual ornament. There are plenty of options with this gift idea, and it works even better with people you know well.

These six simple ideas will serve you well for just about any occasion. And adding little personal touches will make the gifts all the more memorable.

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